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~ C r e a t i n g  M e m o r i e s  S i n c e  2 0 1 0 !

Enjoy our Gourmet Burgers made with always fresh beef...Every burger, every time, and crafted with the juiciest ingredients (Try our Signature Magnum Burger!) AND the ever-abundant Soda Pops' Love! Step back to the 50s!


Yep, we take call in orders! Only time we don't answer our phone is when our hair is on fire with orders on a crazy day or during an event!

When are our Famous Hot Rod Nights? March-October, 2 Saturdays a month....To keep up with our event calendar, follow us on Facebook, click on HRN tab to your right or go to the Contact us tab and sign up for our weekly email blasts filled with info on fun Hill Country events.

Follow us on Instagram @SodaPopsandSugarShack

When are we open?

Temporarily closed due to Coronavirus AND searching for a new location.

Sunday - Closed for Employee Health, Wellness & Family Time